Subtitles for the educational TV series Gains of knowledge

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As VideoLectures.NET is based in Slovenia, Europe, that is why we made an extra effort to subtitle and translate into English all the episodes of  the educational TV series Gains of Knowledge. The series is an attempt of the Slovenian Research Agency to promote the Slovenian scientific sphere. It comprizes 74 episodes in total duration of 35 hours on topics such as nanotechnology, the Big hadron collider, environmental sciences, cryptography, liquefied wood, superconductivity, nuclear fusion and much more.


Gains of Knowledge – subtitled educational TV series

The Slovenian Research Agency funded the translations and subtitling as part of its granting scheme. The agency was established in 2003 and performs professional, development and executive tasks relating to the National Research and Development Programme at every level, as well as other work to promote research and development activities. The Agency carries out its legally determined duties in the public interest, providing permanent, professional and independent decision-making on the selection of programmes and projects financed from the state budget and other financial sources. The Agency is an indirect user of the state budget in terms of the legal provisions that govern public finances and public agencies.

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